How to Prepare Your Home Owners Association for Fall

How to Prepare Your Home Owners Association for Fall

Fall has arrived! It is now time for cooler weather, cozy sweaters, bonfires, pumpkins, apple picking, football, and everything else you love about the fall season. Not only is fall an enjoyable and festive time of year, but it is also an ideal time for your HOA community to make preparations for the following year. To help you make the most of the next few months, following are a few best practices for preparing your HOA community for fall.

Focus Some Attention to the Pool
If your community has a pool, it more than likely closed for members after Labor Day, which is pretty standard in most areas. But even though the pool is closed for swimming, it should not be neglected until next summer. In fact, now is the time to evaluate the pool and surrounding areas. It is ideal to go ahead and make any repairs or updates while the pool is already closed, instead of waiting until the weather warms up and members are ready to go swimming.

Change Your Landscaping
As the temperatures begin to drop, your landscaping needs will change as well. So long are the flowers that were blooming throughout the spring and summer months. Fall calls for plants that will be able to withstand the changing weather conditions. Additionally, fall is also the ideal time to aerate and fertilize any common areas that need special attention. Have a chat with your community landscaper to ensure all of your needs are addressed during this time.

Hold End of the Year Meetings
Once Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, things can get really busy for everyone. To make sure the HOA board has ample time to meet and discuss any important matters, fall is the perfect time to go ahead and hold your end of the year meetings. This allows you to close out the year on a strong note and get a head start on preparations for the following year. Additionally, these meetings give you the opportunity to get all of the year’s finances squared away.

Encourage Community Members to Prepare for Fall
Not only do you want to take care of the community common areas during fall, but it can also be beneficial to encourage residents to do the same. For example, you could send out a newsletter with household tasks that are great to get done during this time of year – replacing batteries, cleaning out gutters, washing windows, preparing landscaping, etc. If everyone is on the same page, the whole community will benefit.

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