Community Pool Opening Checklist

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Community Pool Opening Checklist

how to open community pool

Setting Pool Rules and Restrictions

As the weather warms up and the spring season approaches, Homeowner Associations are getting ready to open their community pools. The pool is one of the most popular amenities in any association and adds value to the homes within the community. It is essential for the Board and Management Company to ensure proper management of the pool to provide a safe and enjoyable pool season for residents.

To have a successful pool season, boards must consider various matters, such as liability, maintenance, and restrictions. Here are the requirements for Community Managers and recommendations for Homeowner Associations to consider before opening day.

Community Manager Responsibilities for Pool Openings

The Community Association Manager has several tasks to complete before the Pool Season. These tasks ensure that the facility is ready for opening day and in pristine condition for owners to enjoy. Here are some of the items that the Managers will complete:

Maintenance & Permitting

It is crucial for each Association to contract with a reputable Pool Management Company to assist in keeping the community pool up to code, maintained, and safe for everyone. The Management Company and Boards often rely on the Pool Management Company to keep them updated on any repairs and safety issues that need to be corrected.

how to open community pool

Setting Pool Rules & Restrictions

Setting Rules and Regulations for the Community Pool is essential for every Association. By setting rules for the use of the pool amenity, the boards reduce their liability and ensure safety for their residents. Some examples of Pool Rules & Restrictions are included.


Association Boards should discuss with their insurance agent the risks associated with the pool and ensure the Association is fully insured for any type of incident that may or may not occur.


While operating a Community Pool can be time-consuming and costly, it is well worth the funds and time it takes to keep it operational. We hope that your 2023 Pool Season is enjoyable for all. However, COVID-19 restrictions should still be enforced during these unprecedented times. Remember to continue practicing Social Distancing, Cleaning, and Mask Requirements.

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