Charlotte’s Top Neighborhoods: Uptown

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March 21, 2023
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Charlotte’s Top Neighborhoods: Uptown

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Living in Uptown Charlotte: What to Expect

As Charlotte, North Carolina, continues to grow as an economic and cultural center, its many vibrant neighborhoods have become attractive places to live and work. Among these, Uptown is one of the most well-known.

Uptown is the name given to Charlotte’s downtown region. It is home to the headquarters of many companies, the city’s athletic teams, and several retail centers. Foodies appreciate the many restaurants serving flavorful dishes, while visitors benefit from the museums and hotels throughout the area. This area also houses the city’s historic core but has its share of homes and apartments for residential visitors. This mixture of residential properties and thriving businesses make Charlotte the ultimate “mixed-use” area.

Uptown is the area between Route 77 and 277. It has four distinct wards, each with its own culture and vibe. Many who work in Uptown choose to live in Uptown as well, so they can take advantage of the city’s public transit system and eliminate the commute into the city every day.

Why is Charlotte “Uptown” Instead of Downtown?

Many cities have an uptown that contrasts with its downtown, but only Charlotte calls its entire business district “Uptown.” This name, which the city council officially gave to the neighborhood in 1974, has a rich historical context.

In the 1700s, what is now Charlotte was along a Native American trading path from Virginia to Georgia along a ridge top. It was a high elevation point, so settlers naturally said they were going “up to town.” Eventually, this evolved into “going uptown.” The name stuck until 1929, when the area was a legitimate city, and residents started calling it “downtown.” Eventually, the city returned to its historical roots and re-named this downtown area Uptown as it continued to grow and develop.

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Living Uptown In The Queen City

Charlotte is one of the most populous cities in the state, and it continues to draw more people, but what is it like to live in this busy downtown area?

  1. First, there are plenty of activities. Residents of Uptown find that they always have things to do. Art galleries, sports venues, shopping, and dining are around almost every corner, and there are plenty of parks and nature trails to enjoy. The area also provides plenty of job opportunities for its residents.
  2. Second, the housing options are quite diverse. You’ll find condos, flats, and single-family historic homes all within this district. However, be prepared to pay more than you might expect in this district. The average price for a home is $385,000 as of February 2023, and that number is steadily increasing month after month.
  3. Third, Uptown has a diverse, changing culture. You’ll find various cultural and ethnic groups and multiple socioeconomic groups in the city. As a result, you can likely find a group with the vibe that fits you when you make Uptown your home.

That said, like most downtown areas, it does have some pockets where crime rates are higher. In general, most of the areas within Uptown have low crime rates, but you will want to be aware of the risk in some areas.

Living in Uptown Charlotte means enjoying a diverse economy and culture, with interesting things to do around every corner and plenty of places to eat, live, work, and play.

Is Uptown Charlotte Walkable?

As in most downtown areas, Uptown Charlotte has difficult traffic at times. Thankfully, it is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Charlotte, with its First Ward and Fourth Ward being the most accessible areas of Uptown. Getting around town without a car is easy and convenient when you live in Uptown, so you can easily avoid this traffic.

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What Schools are in Uptown Charlotte?

Families moving to a new community usually want to know about the reputation of the local schools. Uptown has diverse schools, including charter and specialty schools for STEM and the arts.

The area’s top schools include Metrolina Regional School (A+ grade and the state’s #2 public elementary school), Pleasant Knoll Middle School (A+ grade and the state’s #1 best public middle school), Lake Norman Charter School (A+ grade), Rocky Mountain Academy (A grade), Charlotte Engineering Early College (A grade), Corvian Community School (A grade), and Myers Park High School (A grade). Uptown also has several private schools, including Providence Day School, Charlotte Country Day School, and Covenant Day School.

Uptown Charlotte: The Heart of the City

As you consider the various neighborhoods in Charlotte, consider your need to be near work and entertainment options. Uptown may be the most beneficial community if you prefer to be near it all. As Charlotte grows, you will want to continue watching as its neighborhoods develop and change.

If you want to learn more about neighborhoods in Charlotte, talk to our real estate team today.

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