Charlotte’s Top Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods: Foxcroft

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Charlotte’s Top Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods: Foxcroft

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Charlotte, the state’s largest city and a flourishing metropolis, has much to offer everyone, from lively nightspots and highly-regarded restaurants to a wealth of family activities and beautiful parks.

If you’re looking for the perfect neighborhood in Charlotte, you have a lot to pick from. That said, of all the areas surrounding Charlotte, Foxcroft is one of the most desirable communities you could choose.

Foxcroft is known for its classic neighborhoods, homes surrounded by beautiful landscaping, and picturesque streets lined with old-growth trees. You’ll find houses erected in the 1930s next to newly remodeled or constructed homes in styles ranging from traditional colonial to French Provincial and Georgian. While homes may cost a little more than other neighborhoods, these magnificent homes nestled in a prime community are reason enough to make it one of Charlotte’s most coveted neighborhoods.

Getting To Know Foxcroft

Located in Mecklenburg County, over 5,500 people call Foxcroft home and are happy to do so. The neighborhood has an unmistakable suburban feel with numerous eateries, coffee shops, and green spaces for residents to enjoy. It is a popular place for families and professionals to set down roots.

Foxcroft is located in the southern part of Charlotte near SouthPark, with Providence Road running along its eastern edge. It’s about a 15-minute drive up Providence Road to Uptown Charlotte, and there is easy access to 485.

The price of a home in Foxcroft can range from $500,000 to more than $3,000,000, but with that, you get a quality neighborhood with some of the best schools in the state.

Foxcroft has been a sought-after Charlotte neighborhood for a while now due to its larger-than-average lot sizes, greenery, and proximity to the excellent shopping opportunities in nearby SouthPark.

The wide yards in the Foxcroft area help make up for the few parks in the area. For those desiring physical activity and recreation, the Foxcroft Swin & Racquet Club is a popular destination all year round with its tennis courts, crystal-clear pool, and event areas.

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Is Foxcroft a Walkable Neighborhood?

Residents will readily tell you that Foxcroft is a great neighborhood for walking and that special care has been paid to the preservation of green spaces as well as the placement of benches and fountains. The streets are also home to a sizeable population of cyclists who are out and about either commuting or riding for fun.

Although there aren’t many stores within the Foxcroft neighborhood’s physical borders, it’s simple to find anything you could need at the nearby SouthPark Mall—easily the best place to shop in all of Charlotte and possibly the entire state. The mall’s grounds contain more than 175 retailers, many of which are specialized or high-end brands, including Coach, Neiman Marcus, Lush, and Apple.

Phillips Place is another popular destination for shopping. This open-air shopping area is situated close to Foxcroft’s southern boundary. Since 1997, Phillips Place has provided rooftop dining, valet parking, and an upscale shopping environment.

While Foxcroft does not have any light rail stations, the SouthPark Community Transit Center provides bus service to the neighborhood so that residents can get around easily.

What Are Schools Like In Foxcroft?

Depending on what someone is searching for, different people may have different criteria for the best schools for their children. Some may want schools with excellent sports programs, while others may consider schools that focus on preparing students for higher education.

Given the constant demand for communities with top-rated public schools, it is not unexpected to find that those areas tend to have somewhat higher housing values. Even if the neighborhood features excellent primary schools for young children, it’s equally important to look at the middle and high schools they’ll eventually attend.

According to, one of the seven A+/A/A- rated public elementary schools in the district is Chantilly Montessori School, which is ranked 291st in the state, followed by Selwyn Elementary School and Sharon Elementary School. There are seven public middle schools in the district with B+ or above ratings, including Randolph Middle School (ranked #24 in the metro), Carmel Middle School (ranked #43), and Alexander Graham Middle School (ranked #41 in the metro). There are 4 A+/A ranked public high schools in the district, including Charlotte Engineering Early College (#18 in metro), East Mecklenburg High School (#31 in metro), and Myers Park High School (#9 in metro).

Foxcroft looks like an excellent community to establish long-term roots for parents who want to ensure a stable educational experience for their children, no matter their age.

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The Future of Foxcroft

At this point, Foxcroft is content to maintain its current course without a lot of unwelcome development projects. The neighborhood doesn’t really need the help. Home prices grow over time, making investing in houses a profitable move, as demonstrated by one home that sold for $870,000 in 2014 and then sold for $3 million just last year.

Foxcroft has a lot to offer its residents in its well-maintained beauty and quiet suburban elegance. With top-notch amenities within easy reach, Foxcroft has found a perfect balance between existing as a solid, old-world community and being attractive to families and young professionals.

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