8 Tips for Investing in Residential Real Estate

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March 15, 2021
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March 26, 2021

8 Tips for Investing in Residential Real Estate

Investing in Local Real Estate

Real estate investment can be a profitable business. However, it can also lead to financial damage if you are not careful. You need to make wise purchases and learn to manage those investments well if you are going to grow your income through real estate. As you consider your investment options, keep these eight tips in mind to make it as profitable as possible.

1. Utilize Tax Incentives

Investing in real estate comes with many tax incentives and advantages, so make sure you utilize as many of these as possible. For instance, you can deduct mortgage interest, property depreciation, and even the cost of repairs and maintenance on your investment properties. If you travel to your investments and eat along the way, your travel costs and the costs of your meals are also deductible. Sometimes it is possible to defer capital gains taxes with investment properties. Working with an accountant or real estate agent who is familiar with all of these incentives is essential.

2. Learn to Create Consistent Cash Flow

Residential investment properties have the most value when you have consistent money in and out. However, you have to work at this. First, set some money aside to cover repair expenses or months when tenants are late or short on their rent. Then, create a system that makes it easy for tenants to pay on time, every time. This will help you set up that consistent monthly cash flow that makes your investments worthwhile.

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3. Use Rent to Pay Down Principal

As you collect rent each month, use that rent to pay down the principal on your loan. Even if all you pay is your mortgage payment, you are paying down the principal. If you can, spend a little extra, and you will pay down that principal more quickly. Whether you choose to sell the property at a later date or opt to continue using it as an investment, you will have more equity building up every month.

4. Choose Location Well

Location is vital to making investment properties profitable. You must choose a quality property, but that property must be in a high-demand neighborhood where rentals move quickly. You also want to select a location that attracts a stable tenant who is in an excellent financial position to pay your rent each month. Be careful when looking for investments to buy, and choose one that fits your needs properly.

5. Invest in Management

If you are growing a portfolio of residential rental properties, you need to plan how they will be managed. Some investors manage all of their properties independently, but this can quickly become an exhausting proposition. Unless you relish being on call at all times, you may want to have someone else assisting you with the management process. A property management team can assist with everything from maintenance of the property to vetting tenants and collecting rent, taking much of the stress of your investments off of your shoulders.

6. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Opportunity

The perfect residential rental property may be out there, but if you spend all of your time waiting around for it to pop up, you are going to miss out. The perfect opportunity may not even exist, depending on what your goals are. Instead of waiting for perfection, try to find a property that fits your needs and objectives and move when you find it. You can always sell the property later if it doesn’t work out well, but the good opportunities will continually pass you by if you wait.

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7. Play the Long Game

Investment properties are not a get-rich-quick solution. You can invest in a few income properties and get a good ROI on them quickly sometimes, but if you want to build wealth with real estate investments, you need to be in it for the long-term rewards. Over time, your wealth and assets will grow into wealth.

8. Plan for Unexpected Costs

When you own investment properties, there will be unexpected costs. In addition to things like HOA fees and taxes you may not have planned for during the initial purchase, you need to be prepared for repairs and maintenance costs that often come without warning. Have some money in savings you can tap when you have these unexpected situations pop up because they will.

Remember, investing in real estate is an excellent way to grow your wealth, but you need to be innovative. By embracing these tips, you can maximize your investments and enjoy a profitable real estate business. If you are looking for help managing your assets or choosing suitable properties to purchase, reach out to Henderson Properties for experienced, professional assistance.

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Shelly Henderson
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