Community Food Drive Signup

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August 2, 2017
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Community Food Drive Signup

Each year, Henderson Properties hosts a Food Drive to provide non-perishable goods to Second Harvest Foodbank of Metrolina, and we invite our clients to participate. Working together makes this an exciting, momentum building way to benefit the less fortunate in our area. Last year, Henderson Properties clients and staff donated 2,000+ lbs of non-perishable items. Will your community help make a difference for those in need this year? Please discuss among your Board and have one Board Member register to participate in the Henderson Properties Client Food Drive if interested.

Food Drive 2017 October 12-November 10th.

Multiple Ways to Participate

1. Full Service Food Drive (for HOAs we manage only)– Sign up for door-to-door bag delivery and pickup- limited communities. Our staff delivers an empty bag to each home in the community on Nov. 3rd, residents fill the bag, and we return the following week (Nov 10th) to pick up the donations from the homes. Sign-up closes when we reach 1800 homes. (Delivery Nov 3rd; Pickup Nov. 10th). Due to logistics, this service is available to communities in Mecklenburg County up to Davidson, Union County as far as Indian Trail, and Fort Mill only. Sign up here.

2. Pickup or Supplies Only– (Pickup for HOAs we manage only) Host your own food drive in the community and we’ll arrange the pickup from a central location on Nov. 10th. We can provide bags and can customize our standard flyer with specific instructions on where residents can leave the filled bag (ex: Bring donations to the clubhouse by a certain date). Donations will go toward the total count collected from all communities. Pickup areas are limited as mentioned above. Flyers can be sent to any community. Sign up for this here.

3. Drop off food at any of our offices October 12-Nov 10th (Open to the public). Send an email, post it on your website, and/or include in the community newsletter to encourage residents to drop off donated items. We can also provide flyers for a community volunteer to put in the newspaper bins.

Click Here to see List of Drop-Off Locations! No signup needed for this.