6 Home Improvement Projects To Do Before Christmas

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6 Home Improvement Projects To Do Before Christmas

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The holidays are upon us and that means family and friends gathering to spend time together. If you have any home improvement projects planned, you’ll want to get them done before the holidays, so it won’t interfere with family gatherings. Even if you don’t have anything planned, there are some projects you may want to get done before the holidays anyway. Here are 6 quick home improvements to do before the holidays.


Replace Doorknobs

Your doorknobs and locks may be outdated, dragging the look of your home down. Replacing doorknobs and locks is simple and can easily be done before the holidays. Updating your doorknobs and locks can give your home a modern, fresh look.

Replace Fixtures

Old, outdated fixtures can look drab. You want your home looking its best for visitors, so replace those old fixtures with updated, new ones. Your kitchen and bathroom will look great with this quick touch up!

While you’re replacing bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you can replace your cabinet hardware to match the new sink fixtures. Get a new shower curtain rod and rings while you’re at it, too!


Consider adding a backsplash to your kitchen. Since the holidays involve a lot of cooking, you’ll want an easy clean up. A backsplash not only looks great and can change the whole look of your kitchen, but it also makes cleaning up easier.


If you have a room that has been needing a fresh coat of paint, now is the time to do so. Painting a room can give it an incredible makeover with minimal effort required. This is also a good time to redo your paint scheme if you’ve been wanting to change the pace!

Kitchen Upgrades

Consider adding a mini fridge if you will be entertaining lots of guests. You can keep drinks cool for guests without sacrificing room in your full-size fridge. You will have plenty of room for leftovers and your guests will have a designated space for drinks.

While you’re in the kitchen, touch up your cabinets. You can either choose to paint or refinish them. Refinishing your cabinets will add new life to previously dull, boring cabinets!

Add a Bar

A dedicated bar space will make serving drinks much easier during gatherings for the holidays. If you don’t have a bar in the kitchen you can use, you can get a bar cart and keep all of the ingredients for drinks readily available that way. Bar carts are also portable, so you can take the bar with you and your guests when you change rooms!

While you may want to wait for tougher home improvement projects until after the holidays, there are several quick home improvements to do before the holidays. Holiday entertaining means lots of foot traffic and guests, so you’ll want your home looking its best. You can accomplish this by replacing your hardware and fixtures to bring new life to the kitchen and bathroom, or painting rooms that need a fresh coat. If you’ll be serving drinks to guests, having a dedicated bar space so they can self-serve is helpful. If you don’t have a bar in the kitchen, a bar cart will do. With a little bit of work, your home will be holiday ready in no time.