Should I Put Holiday Decorations Up If I’m Trying To Sell My Home?

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Should I Put Holiday Decorations Up If I’m Trying To Sell My Home?

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Real estate doesn’t just suddenly come to a stop when the holidays approach. Matter of fact, buyers looking at houses around the holidays are typically more motivated to get into a home before the new year, whether it’s for job or tax purposes. Is decorating your home for Christmas good while selling? The answer is yes, but you should keep some things in mind while decorating. For instance, you may want to avoid religious decorations as it could turn buyers off from the home who don’t follow the same religion. Be sure not to block important parts of your home so buyers can see what the home has to offer, and keep walkways clear of potential trip hazards. Also, don’t leave gifts out under the tree when you have people viewing the home, just in case!


Selling your home around the holidays doesn’t mean your family can’t decorate and celebrate! You shouldn’t have to put your decorating ideas aside just because your home is on the market. Decorating for Christmas while selling your home can give your family a sense of joy during what may be an otherwise stressful event because let’s be real, moving is never easy especially when you have built memories in your old home. If you have children, it may make the transition easier since they will still get to see the wonder of Christmas lights and other decorations.

Give Buyers an Idea

Another reason decorating your home for Christmas is good while selling is to give potential buyers an idea of what the home could look like during the holidays. Buyers can envision themselves in the home surrounded by Christmas decorations and a tree. Seeing the potential of a home can help draw buyers in to make the final decision on buying.

Neighborhood Cheer

If your home is in an area where the neighbors decorate for the holidays, you want to decorate for Christmas while selling. It gives your home a cohesive look amongst neighbors and makes the overall feel of the neighborhood more welcoming and friendly. The eye buys, after all, and you don’t want to be the scrooge sitting there with a bah humbug home because you didn’t decorate!

Decorating Tips

Since we know now that decorating your home for Christmas is good while selling, here are some decorating tips to keep in mind.

As stated earlier, you want to keep the decorations secular. An overwhelming religious feel may turn potential buyers off from your home. Avoid cards and family photos in order to better protect your privacy. You’ll also want to keep gifts out from under the tree while showing the home. Instead of getting a big tree, consider getting a tabletop tree to decorate as it leaves the floor more open for buyers to get a feel for the space. Be sure not to overdo it with decorations, since it can make the home feel smaller and cluttered.

Selling your home during the holidays can be a daunting task, but the good news is buyers looking during this time are more serious and ready to find a home. Decorating for Christmas while your home is on the market can make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Keep the decorations simple so you don’t cover large parts of your home and be sure to keep it non-religious. A festive feel is just right for all parties involved so decorate and show it off!

Shelly Henderson
Shelly Henderson
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