Independence Day

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June 22, 2018
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Independence Day

Independent means free from outside control; not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. There is a lot to celebrate in that. Being independent makes one proud of the fact that they pulled away or did it on their own. There is patriotism, pride and respect. In reflecting on all this I realized that being an entrepreneur is a lot like having your own “Independence Day”.

According to the Business Insider, my thoughts are correct. For us, starting a business was the route to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” no matter how risky. It is the epidemy of the American Dream with nearly 90% saying decision making independence was very important. Lifestyle and being satisfied are more important than the monetary ones. Probably because in part, while as an entrepreneur you are somewhat in control of your financial success, it takes time, even years to see the profitable successes of the hard work and dedication.

I talk about the American Dream in my new book Starting from Scratch. In Chapter 6 I write that we are all born to win. I believe that we all want success although each of us would define it differently. Winning keeps one motivated. For myself and my husband, it was about finding what we loved and doing it to the best of our ability. Sometimes I wonder if the young millennials will have the same possibilities. There is a reason why universities offer leadership and entrepreneurship classes.

Some people don’t want to find out if the rewards outweigh the risks and that is ok! Do what you love. Be honest and humble and you will have success. And keep your faith and sense of humor. It is much better to laugh instead of cry. I hope your Independence Day was celebrated. We live in a country where the opportunities are plentiful. We thank our founding fathers and those that continue to fight for liberty and freedom for ALL.

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