People First 2.0

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January 29, 2018
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People First 2.0

People First 2.0. This is our company’s theme for 2018. It is so relevant for a company’s success. Our people are our brand. We must strive to create not only an office environment; it must also be a culture of success. Not many teams win a Super Bowl back-to-back. They generally win and then go back to being good, not great. At Henderson Properties, we want to break that mold and instead continue with greatness each year. We start each year off with a company-wide annual meeting (our Super Bowl), and last week held it at Top Golf Charlotte. It was such a fun venue to set the tone for the day and coming months ahead. It’s all about working hard to help our team and clients, and enjoying the process while we work.

Just as in golf there are certain techniques to improve one’s game, companies develop key initiatives to improve operations. In support of People First 2.0, at Henderson Properties we created the following key initiatives for our staff, because happy employees lead to happy clients.

Key Employee Initiatives: Employee 1 on 1’s, department quarterly outings, 1 paid volunteer time off day, more staff education for employee enrichment

We are setting the bar high and trying to be a different kind of small business, one that offers careers and not just a “job.”

Our vision statement says “providing real estate services that positively affect the quality of people’s lives every day.” When we implement a vision, it becomes a reality: “Speak it into being” as we like to say! This year, we are continuing with People First, hence the 2.0.

Here’s how we are putting our clients first by offering more resources!

  1. We have online maintenance requests that anyone can use. Please contact us for your next home repair 704-535-1122 option 4.
  2. Training classes for our homeowners association board members.
  3. Providing 5 office locations to better serve you.
  4. Adding answering services for busy times and after hours so that clients can reach us in the event of a true emergency.
  5. Online access to rental accounts for tenants and property owners.
  6. A sales division for when you are ready to buy, sell or invest.

At Henderson Properties we are sincerely striving to better serve you, the community and one another, by practicing the art of “people first.” Our staff would love to better serve you this new year. We are a full service real estate firm specializing in Property Management, HOA Management, Real Estate Sales and Maintenance/Renovations. Contact us to learn more!