Home Improvement

November 28, 2016

Make Your (Home) List and Check It Twice

The Holiday Season is upon us, and many people will be spending more time than usual away from home; shopping, going to parties, visiting family and […]
May 25, 2016

Top DIY Projects to Enhance Curb Appeal

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While this idiom may ring true in a lot of different scenarios, the reality is that the vast […]
February 18, 2016

Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring

It’s been a long and frigid winter, but spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to make a plan for giving your lawn […]
December 16, 2015

How to Save Money on DIY Projects

Home projects can be expensive. Whether you are tackling repairs or renovations, it can end up costing you a pretty penny if you hire a contractor […]
August 7, 2015

6 End of Summer Home DIY Projects

The days of summer are dwindling down, and the kids will be back in school soon enough. But that doesn’t mean you have to let go […]
March 24, 2015

Spring Yard Maintenance Tips for Charlotte Home-owners

Spring in Charlotte is a fabulous season. With the (typically) mild temperatures, flowers blooming and birds chirping, it is always nice to enjoy the spring weather […]
December 16, 2013

5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Your home is your most important investment. Making small improvements can equal big returns down the road, whether you are trying to sell your home tomorrow […]
September 5, 2013

Tips For Upgrading Your Thermostat

You probably love your home and take great pride in keeping it maintained in the best possible condition. However, there is one part of the home […]
July 15, 2013

How To Avoid Expensive And Unexpected Home Repairs

Tucking away money here and there for a spontaneous vacation or perhaps a new car is always a good move. It is exciting to know that […]
July 12, 2013

7 Tips for Repairing and Cleaning Gutters

As a homeowner, it can seem like you are always dealing with repairs. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid hard work and expense, keeping your gutters […]
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