Multi-Family Property Management Services from Henderson Properties

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Multi-Family Property Management Services from Henderson Properties

Property Management Services

Are you constantly pulled in different directions as a landlord? Managing multi-family communities requires constant attention, guidance, tenant service, and maintenance. If you’re looking to get the most out of your time, we can help.

So what are the benefits of working with an innovative, experienced multi-family property management company like Henderson Properties?

For starters, you have a dedicated team on your side to help manage day-to-day and big-picture projects that stretch a solo landlord too thin. No matter how efficient you are, it can be difficult to manage financial services, real estate and business operations, and client interaction effectively for multi-family properties. Let’s take a look at how Henderson Properties takes care of you and your community.

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How Our Services Make Your Job Easier

Our job is to manage multiple aspects of your community effectively. These areas include legal consultation, marketing, maintenance services, collections, and more. Taking care of these services on your own can be daunting—no one person is a legal expert, marketing wizard, accounting guru, and maintenance pro all in one. That’s where our team of experienced real estate specialists comes in. Let’s explore some of their areas of service.

Real Estate Operations

Keeping track of every aspect of a multi-family property can be overwhelming. We step in to take care of the following:

Rent Pricing and Collection: Setting a rent level that is too low can mean missing out on significant revenue over a long period. Raising rent to a level that is above local rates can mean less occupancy or increased turnover. Our local experts set a rent level that attracts quality tenants and keeps you profitable in the long term. Our management company can also assist in collecting rent and enforcing late payment agreements.

Tenant Services: If you own property, you know just how difficult it can be to find and keep good tenants. At Henderson Properties, we take care of it all from the initial phone call to screening and negotiations. Our resident retention programs ensure your communities are always occupied, and you’re bringing in profit with trusted tenants.

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Day-To-Day Services

Maintenance Concerns: Don’t want to get a phone call at 2 a.m. from a tenant? We’ll take care of it. We have a trusted maintenance crew to perform 24/7 emergency maintenance so you can rest easy and know your properties are taken care of both day and night.

Landscaping and Common Areas: We take care of your property’s landscape as if it were our own, from every-day upkeep to projects and renovations. We also take meticulous care of common areas to ensure tenants are always getting the best of your property.

Capital Improvement: We work with you to build a strategy that includes affordable upgrades and refurbishments to enhance your properties value and maximize return on your investment.

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Financial Services

Long-term equity and financial returns aren’t always a given in the real estate industry. That’s why it’s essential to maintain a competitive market, keep a budget that is in line with your goals, and continually evaluate brand and market positions.  Our services help meet your goals.

Record Keeping and Accounting: We keep extensive records for every property under our control. This allows you to prepare accurately and control a budget, plan for future expenses, and keep an accurate record of all financial documentation for any legal concerns.

Marketing Essentials: Our marketing is targeted to your specific needs and community because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the real estate industry. Our marketing specialists reach full occupancy for new multi-family properties before completion so that there’s no delay in income for you.

We also create a trusted brand image throughout your region by reaching out through social channels and creating positive word of mouth through community relationships. We continuously engage current tenants to keep their experience positive and optimize resident retention.

Why Henderson Properties is the Property Management Service for You

If you’re looking to keep tenants happy and maximize retention, increase profitability, invest in the future of your property by adding to its value, establish and grow your brand, and make your life as a landlord more manageable, we’re the right choice for you.

Henderson Properties is Charlotte’s top property management service. Every day, we set out to maximize your profits and minimize your headaches by preventing issues before they occur and taking care of emergencies so that you don’t have to.  Our maintenance and management services will turn your investment into profit and give you peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more!