Selling Your House in the Winter: 5 Helpful Tips

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Selling Your House in the Winter: 5 Helpful Tips

It is no secret that Charlotte, NC, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, making it pretty lucrative for real estate, especially if you are considering selling. Should you sell your Charlotte home in winter? Take into consideration the real estate market of Charlotte and the fact that winter brings many benefits to sellers; the answer is yes and here’s why.

Better Price

Charlotte already has a great real estate market, but if you want to get your asking price, or at least close to it, you’ll want to sell your Charlotte home in winter. You’ll have less competition which means desperate buyers will be more willing to pay your asking price instead of negotiating deals. Statistics even show that houses sold during winter are more likely to sell for more than asking price!

Asking price isn’t the only money-related reason to sell during winter. If the home needs renovations or repairs before selling, you’ll typically find cheaper repairs during the winter months. Contractors aren’t as busy as they are during spring and summer and you’ll be able to snag discounts and deals on services.

Buyers are Serious

If someone can wait to buy a home until the spring or summer, chances are they are going to wait. If you list your home in winter, interested buyers are serious about getting into a new home. Most people in the market to purchase a new home in winter are trying to meet a deadline, whether it’s to relocate for a new job or an expiring lease. Potential buyers will be likely to drop an offer quickly if they have a time frame to purchase.

Set the Scene

Selling your home in winter means you can decorate for the holidays. This gives buyers an idea of what the home will look like if they move in and place their holiday decorations around the house. It’ll also make the house feel like a home to those viewing it, instead of an uninviting, barren home. Be cautious with decorations though. Avoid too many religious symbols, crowded walkways, or blocking critical parts of the house.

Less Competition

Come spring and summer; the market will be flooded with homes since most people prefer selling during the warmer months. You’ll see as much as a 15% drop in listed homes during November and December, making it the perfect time to get yours on the market.


Companies are more likely to hire and relocate during the beginning of the year. This is excellent news if you’re selling your Charlotte home in winter. Buyers will be looking to find a new home before their job starts in the new year.

Should you sell your Charlotte home in winter? Absolutely! Not only will you be able to get your asking price, but buyers looking at homes this time of year are serious about settling into their new home. You’ll spend less time showing to buyers who are undecided and more time showing to those who are trying to meet a deadline to purchase and move in. There’s also less competition on the market, so more eyes will be on your home. If you have a home in Charlotte you want to sell, there is no better time than winter.

Shelly Henderson
Shelly Henderson
Shelly calls herself a “Charlottean” because her family has been there since her elementary school days. She serves as Henderson Properties’ co-founder, along with her husband Phil, managing the day-to-day operations, social media branding and leadership development. She is proud of her athletic accomplishments in golf both at the collegiate level at Appalachian State and for a short stint on the LPGA Futures Tour. Her different life experiences, both positive and challenging, earned the title to her first book Starting From Scratch. Shelly has a servant’s heart and leads her company with purpose and passion. She is mom to two sons who continue as young adults to make her heart swell.