2019 Home Fall Maintenance Recommendations

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2019 Home Fall Maintenance Recommendations

Looking for some home improvement projects to tackle this fall? Check out our list of recommendations!

  • Clean gutters and downspouts and check for any leaks
  • Inspect roof for any loose or missing shingles or loose seals around boots
  • Add oil to garage tracks
  • Clean your chimney of creosote and check for any obstructions or bird nests
  • Drain off sediment from hot water tank (sediment fills at bottom of tank)
  • Check weather stripping around doors
  • Perform tune-up on furnace and clean the outdoor coil
  • Prune bushes and trees. Don’t prune spring-flowering shrubs
  • Add copper sulfate to drains and toilets to control any roots growing in main sewer line
  • Reseal decks and wood fences
  • Patch and seal driveway and concrete steps/landings
  • Add covers to outdoor spigots to protect from freezing temperatures
  • Change your furnace filters monthly
  • Have carpets cleaned
  • Develop any Spring plans for home improvements

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