Why Bathrooms Are Always Top Home Improvement Projects

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Why Bathrooms Are Always Top Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can range from simple ones, like painting, to time consuming and more costly improvements, such as remodeling a room. Though some of these home improvement projects won’t bring as high of a return on the investment as others, improving your home will increase your property value regardless. If you’re considering selling, home improvements can also attract more buyers willing to pay your asking price. Buyers tend to base their entire opinion of a home based on the kitchen and bathroom. Plus, you’ll want a nice bathroom since you’ll be using it daily! Whether you’re improving your home for personal reasons or for selling reasons, there are several reasons why bathrooms are a top priority when improving your home.


Full baths just seem more attractive since you can take care of all your personal hygiene needs in one place. If you’re browsing home improvement ideas regarding your bathroom, consider expanding your half bath. A lot of homeowners opt for adding a shower or a bathtub to their half baths or even just add a tub to a bathroom where there’s only a shower. Not only does this add functionality but it can greatly increase your home’s value.


Utility is another reason why bathrooms are a top priority when improving your home. If you have a small bathroom, storage may be an issue. Taking the time to expand storage or even just improve ventilation in your bathroom can have a positive impact on the overall look of the bathroom.

Save Money

One of the top reasons why bathrooms are a top priority when improving your home is the money saving aspect. While the improvements will cost upfront, there are ways you can save money in the long run when improving your bathroom. Low flow fixtures like toilets or shower heads can help save water, which will save you money on your water bill.

Don’t stop at just saving water though! There are ways you can improve your bathroom to save on energy costs as well. LED lights will save you money on your energy bill, so get those installed as part of your bathroom improvement project. Ditch the old ventilation fan and replace it with a more sufficient one to save even more money on your energy bills.

Update Plumbing

Outdated plumbing can spell disaster and result in costly repairs should a pipe ever begin leaking or burst. Taking the time to update your plumbing can help avoid potential problems with older pipes and connections.

Increase Value

Since the top two rooms buyers look at when they’re viewing a home for purchase are the kitchen and the bathroom, they can significantly impact the value of your home. Outdated plumbing and small bathrooms with no storage space can decrease a home’s value and the potential a buyer sees in it.

Updating your bathroom will increase the value of your home and property and also attract more buyers if you ever sell. It’s also important to keep plumbing up to date since older pipes may be more likely to freeze, burst, or leak, leaving you with a mess and costly repairs. You can also make improvements to your bathroom that will save money on your water and energy bills by installing low flow fixtures and LEDs. When it comes to home improvements, bathrooms are a top priority.

Shelly Henderson
Shelly Henderson
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