Most Common Home Inspection Problems

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Most Common Home Inspection Problems

common home inspection issues

You finally found a house that you love! It is in an ideal neighborhood, has just the right number of bedrooms, provides plenty of space for your family to hang out together, and has a fenced-in backyard that both your children and pets will enjoy. Your offer on the house was accepted, so now it’s time to do your due diligence to make sure the house really is all that it appears to be.

The next item on your checklist should be to have a home inspection performed on the property. This will let you know if there are any huge red flags or smaller issues you should be aware of before going through with the transaction. But while a home inspection can offer you some insight on a property, there are certain factors that inspectors often miss. To ensure you are getting a complete evaluation of a house, it is important to understand the problems that most frequently slip through the cracks.

1) HVAC Issues
Unless it is a blatantly obvious problem, it can be easy for HVAC issues to be overlooked during a routine home inspection. If the HVAC appears to be working properly, the inspector will typically report that everything is just fine. However, as a buyer, you want reassurance that the unit isn’t going to stop working once you close on the home. This is where it can be beneficial to spend a little extra money to have an HVAC specialist come out, especially if the unit is older.

2) Roofing Problems
Did you know that home inspectors are not legally obligated to perform a physical inspection of a roof? Nope. All they can do is offer a visual inspection. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for roofing issues to go unnoticed. If the roof is several years old or you simply want peace of mind that everything is alright, you can have a certified roof inspector come check things out.

3) Water Damage
Water damage is one of those issues that can be easy to conceal. So, if you notice any water spots as you are walking through your potential new home, you will definitely want to have the inspector check it out. Even if the leak has been resolved, you need to make sure there aren’t any issues with mold.