Top 11 New Bars and Restaurants Opening in Charlotte This Spring

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Top 11 New Bars and Restaurants Opening in Charlotte This Spring

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Charlotte continues to grow and expand into an important economic hub, great things are happening in other areas of the city as well. As new businesses are opening on every corner, restaurants and bars to accommodate the growing population are opening as well.

If you’re a foodie, or if you’re looking for a great new hangout to explore, you will want to put these 11 new offerings on your list.

1. Kre8 Gastropub

Located in the Wooden Robot Brewery on South Tryon Street, the Kre8 Gastropub is one of the newest players in Charlotte’s food scene. This addition to the brewery will offer tasty snacks in addition to the brewery’s well-known beers. Kre8 will be offering familiarized food with a twist, such as mac-n-cheese egg rolls. Expect to find a variety of pub favorites as well as heartier dishes, not to mention some vegan and gluten-free options as well.

2. Holler & Dash

This Tennessee favorite is coming to Charlotte in March with a new restaurant opening at 2725 South Boulevard. Here you will find plenty of dishes that feature the restaurant’s signature biscuits. You can also enjoy omelets, sandwiches, sides and bowls along with your biscuits.

3. Skylark Social Club

Plaza Midwood is one of the best up-and-coming areas in Charlotte, and the Skylark Social Club on 2131 Central Avenue is joining the pleasing mix of restaurants and bars in this region. This is a typical rock-n-roll neighborhood bar, and its owners are local musicians who needed a new place to perform. Enjoy live music and beer and whisky when you visit.

4. Bang Bang Bites

Opening on 235 W. Tremont Ave., Bang Bang Bites will take the concepts of Bang Bang Burgers and cut them down to size, with sliders and burger flights instead of the big, meaty patties. It will also feature fried chicken, fried cod and black bean burgers, and beer will be the drink of choice. The benefits of choosing the bites for your mean is you can taste a couple of different burgers in one meal!

5. Flour Shop

This Trey Wilson-owned eating establishment is both a bar and a fine dining option. A wood-cooking rig gives plenty of smoky flavor to the dishes prepared in the parking lot behind the restaurant. You’ll also find pasta, breads, veggies and many specialty dishes, and a full bar is available as well. Find the Flour Shop at 4101 Park Road.

6. Graham St. Pub & Patio

Located on 400 S. Graham Street, the Graham St. Pub & Patio takes its name from the very street it resides on in Uptown. This rooftop bar is striving to be the best in the neighborhood, and it offers three different bars and a large lunch and dinner menu. Grab skewers or a gourmet grilled cheese, then enjoy your drinks and food with a view of the BB&T Ballpark or the city skyline.

7. Bulldog Beer and Wine

If you were familiar with Bulldog Dilworth, be ready for a surprise. This favorite neighborhood restaurant is getting a makeover at its 2447-B Park Road location. Enjoy a newly added bar room and renovated back patio while you dine on the food you already know and love. It will be re-opening soon, and you’ll want to see what’s new when it does.

8. Sushi Guru

Do you love sushi? So does the Sushi Guru. Located at 1217 The Plaza, you’ll love the modern flair on traditional Japanese sushi found here. It will have the same menu items as its parent restaurant, and you’ll want to visit at lunch for the daily specials.

9. HI Tide Poke & Raw Bar

Poke bolls and raw bar items are the main faire at HI Tide Pike & Raw Bar. You can build your own bowl to get exactly what you want. This casual dining experience boasts East and West Coast oysters that are well worth sampling. Visit them at 191 South McDowell Street.

10. Haymaker

Coming soon to Uptown, Haymaker will features Appalachian-focused cuisine. Enjoy roasted cauliflower soup, beef tartare, hay roasted carrots and even acorn. Most dishes will be on small plates to allow you to sample more items during your visit. You’ll find Haymaker opening at 225 South Polar Street.

11. JJ’s Red Hots Uptown

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick grab-n-go option, head to JJ’s Red Hots in Uptown, which will be opening at 400 South Tryon Street. This restaurant features smokehouse hotdogs and sausages served on toasted potato rolls and topped with anything and everything you can imagine. Stay traditional, or go creative with pimento cheese or jalapenos.

Which of these new restaurants is or bars is first on your list? With so many to choose from, you may be heading out on the town a little more in the coming weeks.