New & Improved Rental Property Viewing Process

New & Improved Rental Property Viewing Process

At Henderson Properties, we value prospects, tenants, and owners. We’re continually looking for ways to offer the best and most efficient services for our customers. Prospects have been asking for ways to view properties without having to make the trek to our corporate office for keys, and their requests have been answered!

Recently our Rentals Division rolled out a new piece of software that will drastically help prospects with viewing any Henderson Properties rental they are interested in leasing. Prospects no longer have to check out keys from the Henderson Home Office and then come back to return them. They can access the property remotely.

Under the previous method, if a prospect wanted to see a property, the process required all prospects wanting to tour the home to visit our main office to check out keys, then visit the property, and then come back to return the keys. For properties in outlying counties, this process could take 4+ hours in travel time. Now prospects can save time by going online to request a property tour time, filling out some information, and then requesting a date and time they would like to see the property. They are provided special instructions for accessing the property. That’s it!

What is great about this process is that even though it is done remotely, it still provides a high level of security and accountability for our owners with their assets. Rental Property Managers can run reports on visitors to monitor the property. Reports include how long prospects are touring the property.

The new system is called Tenant Turner. Tenant Turner fully integrates with our management software. To find out about all of Tenant Turner’s features and benefits please visit their website at:

How it Works

Once the prospect fills out the required information, the prospect will select a date and time. Based off that date and time, Tenant Turner will provide a pin that will allow the prospect access to the property remotely.

The pin that is provided will only work for that selected amount of time. The system will also require the prospect to upload a photo ID into the onsite Tenant Turner box, and the box only accepts an ID from a government issuing authority. The information required helps with the initial screening process.

We rolled out Tenant Turner in phases to our available units to guide the transition smoothly. We have rolled this out gradually over the past four months. Recently, we installed the final phase of Tenant Turner boxes onto our vacant units, and more prospects have been touring the properties.

We are very excited for the future with Tenant Turner and we are already seeing the many benefits it has to offer our owners and prospects!

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