Most Searched Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

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Most Searched Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

best places to live in charlotte

When people are planning to move or visit Charlotte, they often search for the top-rated neighborhoods. There are so many great neighborhoods in Charlotte to choose from so the list of the top 10 is actually a top 12 since there are 3 tied for 10th place. See where your favorite neighborhood falls on this list…

1) Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood was built in the 1900s in hope to become Charlotte’s new Myers Park. This neighborhood surrounds a trolley line that ran from downtown. Originally, the neighborhood was filled with large craftsman bungalows lining the streets, however, after the war it was renovated with quaint cottages that went deeper into the neighborhoods. It continues to become increasingly popular with the additions of more restaurants, bars, and shops.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $420,652 (increased 5% from last year)


2) NoDa

NoDa is a very artsy and hipster neighborhood that was brought back from the dead. The name NoDa comes from North Davidson Street where local artists moved to open galleries. Then the restaurants, bars, and shops started to appear. It has now evolved to the must-have place to live in the condos, newly renovated millhouses, modern homes, and big fabulous bungalows.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $294,813 (increased 6% from last year)


3) Wilmore

The Wilmore and SouthEnd District are growing and becoming the fastest up-and-coming neighborhoods of Charlotte. The homes in Wilmore are gorgeous bungalows built in the ‘20s and ‘30s. The neighborhood’s aesthetic is like Dilworth’s, but with larger homes at a better price.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $317,637 (increased 35.7%)


4) Cotswold

Cotswold is an older neighborhood that was establish in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Most of the homes are brick ranches or split levels built on anywhere from half acre to over an acre lots. There are also some 2 story homes that were added in the ‘70s & ‘80s and even several empty areas with new homes.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $489, 088 (increased .7%)


5) SouthPark

SouthPark is the home to much of Charlotte’s finest shopping, restaurants, and outstanding residential locations. SouthPark is known as the second Uptown of the city and it has the terrific SouthPark Mall filled with all the luxury stores.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $481,099 (increased 6.6%)


6) Madison Park

Madison Park is a family-friendly and quiet, but well-connected neighborhood. It has a great location minutes from Uptown and easy access to the SouthPark Mall. There are also many shops and recreational sites on the other end of the neighborhood.

*Average Sale Price in April 2017: $296,236 (increased 11.5%)


7) Dilworth

Established in 1990, many of these houses in Dilworth are listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. However, these homes continued to be renovated through the 1930s, creating large, beautiful homes. In the center of the neighborhood is Latta Park that has a great playground, waterpark, and theatre.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $530, 172 (increased 5.4%)


8) Chantilly

The quaint and adorable neighborhood of Chantilly was built post-war with charming dollhouses. Homes are designed with 2 bedrooms & one bathroom, hardwood floors, and plaster walls.

*Average Sale Price in April 2017: $490, 509 (increased 13.6% from last year)


9) Oakhurst

The neighborhood of Oakhurst has transitioned from being a farmland & hunting camp in the 1900s to filling with homes from the ‘20s to ‘50s. This adorable neighborhood is a great home with a location near Charlotte’s downtown and plans for innovation.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $183,679 (increased 13.7%)


10) Cherry

Cherry is one of Charlotte’s oldest African American neighborhoods. It’s very popular and has been extremely hard to find a house for sale lately. Most of the homes are designed with multiple fireplaces, large front porches, and shingle style.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $538,176 (decreased -4%)


11) Sedgefield

Sedgefield is surrounded by many popular, lively neighborhoods such as Dilworth and SouthEnd Historic District. The neighborhood’s popular has increased from the opening of the Lynx light rail outside the neighborhood.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $826,794 (increased 7.9%)


12) Myers Park

Myers Park is a must-have neighborhood filled with charming and adorable homes. It is a destination ride for Charlotte cyclists. It is also conveniently located in the center of the city with walkable shops and restaurants.

*Average Sales Price in April 2017: $826,794 (increased 7.9%)


If you are looking for purchase a home in any of these hot neighborhoods, be sure to give Henderson Properties Realtors a call, or click here to easily start browsing available homes for sale!