Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Renovations that Increase Value

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Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Renovations that Increase Value

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Getting tired of your home but not wanting to move? If you renovate it, it will not only increase your feel of the home, but it will increase the value of it for when you are ready to move. Here are the 5 best tips to upgrade your home at a good price…

1) Increase/Replace Attic Insulation
This may not seem like something that important, but it is worth it. It will save you money from energy efficiency and will also help you make a profit when you sell your home. It is a simple job and you can either hire a pro or do it yourself.

2) Treat Yourself to New Window Treatments
Remodeling your windows with vinyl windows is said to create a greater value for your home. Updating your entire kitchen may be too much, but just getting window treatments will do the trick of creating a whole new look for your kitchen.

3) Upgrade Your Outdoors
The new home renovation everyone is getting into is enhancing your outdoors. Adding an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and a brand-new deck can give your home a trendy new look. Your house will be perfect to relax outside on those warm summer nights. You can also save money from adding value to your home by planting some beautiful flowers, hanging up lights, and getting a store-bought fire pit.

4) Change Up Your Bathroom
Bathrooms play a major part in buyer’s decisions. However, updating your bathroom can be very pricey. Instead of renovating your bathroom, change a few things like getting a new showerhead & faucet, adding a double vanity, or making old grout look brand-new with stain.

5) Update Your Kitchen
Kitchens are also evolving to become trendier. If yours still has all the old cabinets and appliances it is time to update. You can make your kitchen look fabulous at a good price with some fresh paint, a new faucet, new lighting (ex: upscale pendant lights), and new cabinet pulls.

Although these are some cheap ways to update your home, it can still be pricey if you have not budgeted for it. You can also take out a small personal loan in order to increase the value of your home because it will pay off. Create a better home-style and increase your home value this summer.