Charlotte, NC Homes For Sale

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Charlotte, NC Homes For Sale

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People from all over the country are packing up their belongings to move to Charlotte. The city offers homeowners an irresistible lifestyle with refreshing weather, affordable homes, great public school districts and a powerful business sector. In addition, Charlotte has a magnitude of things to do for entertainment, including fun restaurants, professional sporting events, NASCAR and several options for nearby recreational activities.

The decision to purchase a home in Charlotte is a great choice, however, the next step is to choose from the array of Charlotte homes for sale, which include beautiful houses in many different neighborhoods.

There are no “good” neighborhoods or “bad” neighborhoods in Charlotte. Home shopping here is essentially a matter of personal preference. A neighborhood with larger homes and a reputable school district would be more suitable for younger families while a neighborhood near water may be more appropriate for a home shopper looking for a house with a great view.

Realtors who specialize in Charlotte homes for sale always include houses in Dilworth when working with future homeowners looking to live in an exciting neighborhood located near Uptown.

Dilworth is a great place to live for all sorts of different people, including families and single professionals. The architecture of homes in Dilworth is simply breathtaking because of the historic style that encompasses the entire neighborhood. Prices for homes here come in a wide range – however, more homes are available at the 250-thousand-dollar and above mark. Potential homeowners in Dilworth should not get too discouraged by the high price point as the area continues to grow and proves to be a rewarding area to invest in.

Huntersville is a fabulous option for families looking for a neighborhood in a solid school district. Parents who currently live in the area consistently give the schools there two thumbs-up. In addition, the neighborhood is packed with things to do, such as shopping, dining out and great waterfront areas to sit and relax. Homes in Huntersville tend to be more affordable than the Dilworth area, however, it is approximately 20 miles away from Uptown which makes a rush hour commute somewhat discouraging.

Potential homebuyers who are browsing the lengthy list of Charlotte homes for sale absolutely must check out Myers Park. This area is perhaps one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire state of North Carolina. Not only is it lined with gorgeous trees and landscaping but Myers Park is also home to Freedom Park, a huge area designated for sports, fishing, walking and riding paths and grilling areas.

Lake Norman is another excellent neighborhood in Charlotte. Located near Huntersville, the Lake Norman community spans across 520 miles of shoreline. It also has walking and biking paths, as well as designated fishing and swimming areas. Simply sitting along the shoreline is entertainment enough as the lake is always full of beautiful boats and lots of action.

Despite the fact that areas like Myers Park and Lake Norman have reputations as being relatively affluent neighborhoods, both are affordable. With a good real estate agent guiding the home shopping process, great deals can be landed in order to secure a home in one of these two areas.

While the suburban, family-friendly areas are boundless around Charlotte, there are also great homes to buy in Uptown.

Uptown is a different way of referring to the city’s downtown area and features high-rise buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, clubs and office headquarters of Fortune 500 companies. Uptown is always booming with street festivals, sports games or some type of exciting event. As expected, homebuyers will not be searching for large houses with a big back yard and a swimming pool if they are looking in the Uptown real estate market. The area is instead packed with brand new condominium buildings and occasional row houses that offer a luxurious lifestyle with a simple, walking commute to offices downtown.

There are many other neighborhoods to explore while hunting for Charlotte homes for sale. Even narrowing the categories down to “family-friendly,” “affordable” and “entertaining” still leaves plenty of great spots.

Homebuyers looking for Charlotte homes for sale should always work with an experienced realtor. Each neighborhood is unique and finding the perfect fit is never something that should be done without a professional opinion. The staff at Henderson Properties know Charlotte as well as they know the back of their own hands. They can provide insight and guidance when choosing the right neighborhood in Charlotte.

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