Mooresville, NC, HOA Management

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Mooresville, a booming community located on Lake Norman, just minutes north of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Is this a place your community management is struggling to keep up with growth and expectations?  Have you thought about needing help in managing your accounting or maintenance services?  Henderson Properties is a full-service residential property management team, providing assistance in accounting, maintenance, and management services to HOAs since 1990.

HOA Management in Mooresville

Henderson Properties implements a proactive approach in achieving its goal of managing with ease.  This provides the ability to keep focus on the various tasks and decisions demanded by the Board of Directors.  We understand the ability to retain your current residents and investing in your community not only ensures the success of your investment, but also attracts new residents for your community’s future.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team knows a significant amount of time and resources go into maintaining your property.  We have provided an easier management experience for over 23 years.

Mooresville Accounting Services

The most overwhelming aspect of a property management team can easily be the financial aspect.  Let Henderson Properties provide you with the due diligence demanded from this portion of the business.  Our accounting and financial services can prepare statements, accurate reports, and timely updates to your management team, so you can make the proper decisions that are best for your community and members.

Maintenance Services for Mooresville

We can tackle maintenance needs stemming from plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances, or the various other maintenance issues that arise. Our trusted and timely network of contractors provides professional services for basic upkeep or major repairs.  We are able to meet budget needs and provide quality solutions for your maintenance demands by leveraging our over 23 years of experience in servicing the Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan area.

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To learn more about the many ways Henderson Properties can meet your Community Association Management needs or if you are interested in obtaining more information about our Association Management Team and Henderson Property Management, contact us at 704-970-4155 or email at: