Bringing Your Rental Property into the 21st Century

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Bringing Your Rental Property into the 21st Century

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Be Smart.

Modern touches are a sure way to increase your home’s rental value. With many Charlotteans continuing to work remotely, many are increasingly drawn to “smart” homes. From smart lights and thermostats to home assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Home, there are plenty of upgrades you can make to bring your house into the 21st Century, despite the age of the property itself.

Get Some ‘Assistance.’

Amazon Alexa and Google Home are the two most popular smart assistants, and each works with nearly all smart home gadgets. These assistants interact with your other “smart” devices to add tremendous convenience and modern luxury to space. Google Home integrates with more than 30,000 devices, and Alexa works with 85,000 devices like smart switches, plugs, and much more. You cannot go wrong either way!
Listen to the Music.

Consider including or even installing a smart speaker device or system, particularly in your rental home’s main entertainment area(s). Alexa and Google Assistant can be accessed via their respective apps on your smartphone or tablet. Still, we recommend investing in a smart speaker for optimum control over your new smart home. Most smart speakers are built with multiple microphones to hear you from the next room, so your renters can check the weather, listen to a podcast or enjoy background music from nearly any room in the home.

Power Up.

Smart plugs are among the most straightforward smart home gadgets you can use and the perfect place to start creating your smart home. A smart plug converts ordinary appliances and electronics into devices that can be controlled remotely or via your Google or Alexa hub. The plug inserts into a standard electrical outlet and comes with front or side-facing outlets controlled independently. Consider switching out a couple of your old outlets for USB-ready outlets to take it a step further. These allow tenants to charge their phones, laptops, and other electronic devices quickly and more energy-efficiently than an additional charger plug.

Let there be Light.

Another great feature of modern homes is Smart bulbs. Upgrading to Bluetooth-ready lighting is as easy as installing a light bulb! These specialty bulbs allow the renter to control the brightness and even color of the light in a particular space, all from their smartphones or the smart assistant device. This option is not only convenient (and cool), but it can lead to significant savings in a monthly energy bill.

Even an older home can become more appealing with these affordable, simple extras. Modern renters are comparing your property to the modern luxuries that come with today’s multifamily apartment communities. You might not be able to install a pool or brand-new appliances, but you can quickly level the playing field when it comes to desired smart devices!