Community Association Managers Roles and Responsibilities

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Community Association Managers Roles and Responsibilities

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The Role Of The CAM

Community Association Managers, commonly referred to as CAMs, are responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of Community Associations. They act as the primary contact for the Board of Directors, homeowners, and residents. CAMs do not make decisions; however, they ensure the Board is working within their legal authority and upholding their fiduciary duties as leaders of the HOA. As the managing agent, they make sure that they and the Board are acting in accordance with Federal, State, Local laws and statutes as well as the governing documents of the HOA.

Below are highlights of a CAM’s role and responsibilities. Although these items may not be all-inclusive, they serve as priority tasks and duties completed within the role. Every workday is not the same, but their focus is to maintain consistency, fluidity, and service throughout the HOA.

Policies and Procedures

The CAM is responsible for reviewing the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CCR’s), Bylaws, and meeting minutes to assist the Board in their decision making. They maintain association records and update them as necessary. CAMs assist the Board in creating administrative/special resolutions and developing Rules & Regulations that do not contradict the CCR’s of the HOA or violate Federal, State, and Local Laws. Solutions can be used to clarify or expand on vague CCR’s. If your CCR’s states that the property must be kept in a neat condition, a resolution can be created to clarify the meaning of “neat.” For example, lawns must be edged, weeds removed, and maintained at the height of 4 inches or less. They can also be used to provide details of the violation and delinquency process.

Accounting Responsibilities

CAMs are responsible for managing association funds by reviewing/approving invoices promptly and reviewing/distributing financial reports that include the Monthly Balance Sheet and Budget Comparison Report. Delinquency is monitored and reviewed to ensure the HOA collects all funds and remains financially stable.  If a homeowner is delinquent, the CAM will provide the legal process detailed in the CCR’s is followed, and legal action is taken when necessary.

At least 90 days before the fiscal year’s close, an operating budget is drafted for Board review, editing, and approval. The CAM will look at average expenses and anticipated projects to prepare the budget. The CAM will make recommendations to increase dues/assessments based on anticipated costs. They will ensure the reserve account is adequately funded as well.

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CAMs assist with coordinating Board, Annual, Budget Ratification, and Special Meetings. CAMs will attend Board of Directors meetings in accordance with the management contract. In preparation for the meeting, the CAM will create a Monthly Management Report that provides specific data on finances, delinquencies, violations, and any outstanding community issues.  The Report will be sent to the Board three days prior to the Board meeting. During the meeting, the CAM will be prepared to answer any questions and record actions items for follow-up within 10 days of the meeting. They will schedule and prepare for Annual, Budget Ratification, and Special Meetings. CAMs are also responsible for creating and sending out meeting notices in accordance with the Bylaws of the association.

Inspections & Compliance

CAMs inspect the Community Association’s property based on the contractual obligation for violations of association rules and restrictions.  The CAM will create a Violation Resolution and present it to the Board for approval on how violations will be handled in the community.  If a property is found in violation, a notice is sent to the property stating the following:  What the violation is, the section of the CCR’s referencing the violation, and the action required to correct it. CAMs follow up on each violation during the next inspection to ensure compliance. If the property remains non-compliant, the CAM will coordinate and conduct hearings to begin the fine process or suspension of common area privileges.

Common areas are also inspected for any needed maintenance.

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Vendor Maintenance

CAMs arrange for and oversee the activities of contract service representatives including, but not limited to exterminators, trash collectors, major repair contractors, landscapers, and pool management personnel, etc. They direct maintenance staff in routine repair and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.  CAMs are the direct contact for all HOA vendors. They will ensure all vendor contracts are updated annually. CAMs will solicit bids for contracted services and common area maintenance/repairs to ensure the Board is receiving competitive pricing and services.

Administrative Tasks

In addition to fieldwork, CAMs handle all Board calls, emails, and escalations. The CAM or the ACM (Assistant Community Manager) will speak to the homeowners about any concerns and issues within the community.  If the Board needs to be involved, the CAM will relay that information to the Board for discussion and a final decision. All calls and escalations are documented, and a report of these communications are provided to the Board with the monthly management report.  The CAM reviews the mail daily and responds appropriately, either in writing or verbally, to specific requests or questions. The CAM will create a Monthly Management Report that provides precise data on finances, delinquencies, violations, and any outstanding community issues.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

 – Andrew Carnegie