Solving Common Problems with Pets in Homeowners Associations

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Solving Common Problems with Pets in Homeowners Associations

All places have rules and regulations regarding pets, whether those rules come from the city you live in, your landlord, or your HOA. For those who own pets, they are like family but that doesn’t mean they can ignore the rules or lack common courtesy when it comes to their pets. Solving pet problems in your HOA doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It takes communication and understanding for all parties involved.

Pet Waste

One of the biggest problems regarding pets in a homeowner’s association is pet waste. This typically only refers to dogs since cats are usually inside, but any pet that uses the bathroom outside should be taken into consideration here. Pet waste in common areas or overloading lawns is not only gross, but it is bad for the environment. It violates the clean water act which can lead to fines. Pet waste can also spread disease and attract wild animals that nobody wants around. To fix this problem, educate residents on the proper disposal of pet waste. You may even offer a bin to collect the pet waste or a map showing the locations of proper disposal areas and pet parks.

Animals that Violate the Rules

While it is not uncommon for people to fib about their pets when it comes to pet policies, lying about the pets you have, or their breed is not a good idea. Many places have size restrictions in place for the safety of other residents and to prevent damage. If someone is hiding a rottweiler or 4 dogs in their home, remember that these are beloved pets to the family, but they are breaking the rules. Educate residents on the policies and why they are in place. There may be a limit on the animals allowed due to fire safety they weren’t aware of before.

Nuisance Complaints

So, your neighbor’s dog barks all hours of the night or they got loose and destroyed things on your property. The best course of action is to file a nuisance complaint. Once that is done, the owner’s will be issued a warning regarding the incident. If the actions continue, they may be subject to pay fines or even removed from the property for failure to comply.


Dogs should be on a leash or in a fenced in yard at all times. Dogs not on a leash create problems in several ways. They may run from their owner if they get scared or see a wild animal, leaving them prone to be hit by cars if near the road or other injuries. They may also just run away so the owner will be left searching for their beloved pet. Leash rules should always be enforced. If a dog is not on a leash, the owner should be informed as to why it is important for their dog to remain on a leash. If nothing changes, fines and other consequences can be issued.

Solving pet problems in your HOA can be touchy since pet owners love their pets like family. When encountering pet problems, it’s important to keep that in mind but also be mindful of the rules. Do your best to educate the owners about the problems before jumping to fines and other consequences. It could very well be they weren’t aware of why rules were in place and important. If all else fails, fine the owners and if nothing changes still, let them know they could be subject to removal from the property.