Best Tips for HOA Managers for Holiday Decorating

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Best Tips for HOA Managers for Holiday Decorating

Tis the season of holiday cheer and it’s time to deck the halls. Christmas means lights, blow up reindeer, mistletoe, and stockings hung over the fireplace. If you’re in a homeowner’s association, decorating for Christmas can be tricky depending on the rules set in place. Someone may decorate outside of the specified rules while others may complain about decorations in someone’s yard. Since it’s the season of giving, making exceptions for the rules may be a good idea, as long as it is not overboard. Keeping it simple will work best, so here are the best tips for Christmas decorations for HOA managers.

Decorate the Doors

Wreaths are a popular decoration for all holidays, especially around Christmas. They are simple, interchangeable, and can be hung without damaging doors. You can find a variety of holiday wreaths in most retail stores and craft shops, or you can buy the materials to make it yourself. Grab a hanger that goes over the door and you’re set! You could also opt for a simple holiday bow instead.

If wreaths and bows aren’t your thing, you could always get removeable door clings. They are cute, won’t damage the door, and are easy to apply.

Light It Up

It’s not Christmas without some lights! One of the bets tips for Christmas decorations for HOA managers is to get the net lights that go over a bush or other shrub. They won’t damage the bush and you don’t have to worry about hanging them up. Plus, they look great in any yard!

Rigging up lights can be a tricky task, between finding a way to hang them without damaging the wall or other surface, to untangling a matted mess from last year’s decorations. No worries! If you want to hang lights without all the hassle, grab some adhesive hooks, place them where you want the lights and you’re good to go! Keep it simple and just line the porch or the front of the house.

Decorate the Yard

Since homeowner’s associations tend to have rules regarding what’s allowed and what isn’t with lawn decorations, the best option is to keep it simple and minimal. Less is often more, and you can still have a cheerful looking yard. Candy cane yard stakes are popular, cheap, and easy to put up. Line the sidewalk with them on either side, leaving a few feet between each. In colder climates that stay near freezing during the holiday season, you could also try this DIY. Mix food coloring into some water then pour the water into balloons. Freeze the balloons and once they are solid, cut the balloon off. You now have giant Christmas ball decorations you can place along your sidewalk!

Blow up decorations are iffy when it comes to homeowner’s associations. Some don’t allow them at all while others may have a size limit to keep it from becoming overbearing. If allowed, a small blow up Santa Claus or snowman will make any yard look more festive.

One of the best parts of the holidays is the decorations. Living in an area with a homeowner’s association doesn’t mean you have to miss out! These are some of the best tips for Christmas decorations for HOA managers, but there are tons of ways to decorate for the holidays. Grab some net lights and put over a bush or shrub, line the sidewalk with candy cane stakes and hang a festive wreath on the door. However you choose to decorate, the season is sure to be jolly and bright!

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