4 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

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September 25, 2019
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4 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

When you think of selling your home, one of the first details that likely comes to mind is waiting until the spring. There is always a surge of new homes hitting the market during the spring months, and a lot of families like to complete their move before the new school year begins. However, you should not let that deter you from listing your home this fall.

Did you know that fall is actually the second-best time of the year to put your home on the market? If you are serious about selling, go ahead and make the jump. The ultimate goal in selling your home is to make the process as quick and easy (and ideally profitable, too) as possible. To help you make the most of this decision and process, following are a few important tips to keep in mind when selling your home in the fall.

  1. Have a professional check your HVAC.

While you may still be running the air conditioning right now, a potential buyer will want to be sure that the heat is in proper working condition as well. By having a professional check and service your HVAC unit before it goes on the market, you can prevent any issues that could potentially come up in a home inspection. Additionally, you can easily do your part to keep things in working order by changing all the air filters in your home once a month. Pro tip: it is actually more beneficial to buy cheaper air filters and change them on a monthly basis – you do not always need the more expensive air filters if you are changing them consistently.

  1. Clean up the leaves.

You may enjoy the change of the season and watching the leaves fall, but it can be a little distracting for potential buyers who show up to find the yard and sidewalks covered in leaves. Try your best to rake up the leaves in a timely manner, so prospects can fully see all that your home has to offer. This is also an important time to address the gutters and downspouts of your home. While potential homebuyers would likely expect for some leaves to collect, you can take one thing off their worry list by keeping everything cleaned out as much as possible.

  1. Take full advantage of fall curb appeal.

Fall is such a cozy and inviting season, which is perfect for welcoming potential buyers to a place they may soon call home. Go ahead and use this to your advantage by making use of the fall curb appeal options you have available. Without breaking the bank, you can make your home festive by adding a few mums and pumpkins to your front porch. You could even plant a few marigolds for some added pops of color.

  1. Be prepared to move quickly.

If you are just now deciding to list your home this fall, you must be prepared to move quickly. With the holidays approaching, potential buyers want to get things done, in hopes of being in their new home for all the festive celebrations. By working closely with your real estate agent and listening to their requests, you can make the sale happen. It may be a little stressful for a bit, but it will all be worth it in the end.