Best Tips for Managing Your HOA Meetings

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Best Tips for Managing Your HOA Meetings

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The HOA is an important aspect of any successful community. Not only are the board members in charge of enforcing the rules and collecting dues, but the HOA is tasked with the job of making everyone in the community feel safe, comfortable, and happy with where they have decided to call home. It is essential to have the right people involved in the HOA, but it is also imperative to have meetings that are run effectively and smoothly. To give you a few pointers, following are a few helpful tips to better manage your HOA meetings.

1. Establish a plan
In order to have efficient HOA meetings, you need to create a plan that will give both the board members and community members plenty of notice of when the meetings will be and what they will be about. At the beginning of each year, go ahead and schedule out your HOA meetings for the entire year. Setting the dates well in advance allows everyone to plan accordingly so they can be in attendance, without having to scramble at the last minute to find a babysitter or take off work a little early. Whether you host meetings the first Tuesday of each month or you get together every other month, having a consistent plan makes it easier for people to make them a priority.

2. Create a detailed agenda for each meeting
You have to remember that community members are taking time out of their busy schedules to attend these HOA meetings. To ensure you are not wasting anyone’s time, a detailed agenda should be created for each meeting. This helps everyone stay on task, allows you to cover all the important details, and gives everyone a heads up about what is going to be discussed at the meeting.

3. Share the agenda with homeowners in advance
If you want community members to be involved in the process and concerned about what the HOA is discussing, you need to share this information with them in advance. For example, you could develop a system where the agenda for each HOA meeting is emailed out to homeowners a week before the meeting. This gives them plenty of time to read through the information, gather their thoughts, contact board members about any issues or concerns, and make plans to attend the meeting if necessary. Keeping everyone in the loop is crucial, and this extra step allows the homeowners to feel included at all times.

4. Invite speakers to your meetings
HOA meetings are all about keeping your community united, safe, and beautiful. Another way to emphasize these matters is to have special speakers at each meeting. If you want your homeowners to be proactive about their lawn care, you could have a landscape professional come offer some simple tips and advice for maintaining their grass and shrubs. If you want everyone to make safety a priority, you could have someone from the local police department offer tips for keeping their homes safe while they are out of town. If you want to encourage homeowners to participate in local activities, you could have someone from the town come talk about the upcoming events, such as festivals and farmers markets.