Best Tips for Sprucing Up Your Community This Spring

Best Tips for Sprucing Up Your Community This Spring

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Spring is in the air, so you may want to dust off the mower, fine-tune your weed whacker, and break out the cleaning supplies. Before you know it, it’ll be time to get your house in line with your community’s HOA guidelines. While some communities have unique needs, everyone can benefit from a few of the following tips and tricks that we have outlined for you below.

  1. Start With the Gutters

Fall’s leaves and winter’s sticks, twigs, and salt can do a number on gutters, downspouts, and catch basins. Now is a great time to take a look at all of your home’s drainage areas and make sure everything is clean and obstruction free before the heavy rains start to roll in and cause problems.

  1. Survey the Landscape

You may not have spent much time outside on your property throughout the winter, so have a look around this spring and take stock of any issues that might require your attention. Tree limbs, concrete, asphalt and more could be damaged by heavy snows and salt, so have them dealt with as soon as possible.

You may even want to take a walk down the road, along the sidewalk, or through any shared parking areas to look for potholes from plows and salting. If these areas are your association’s responsibility, bring the issues to their attention so they can be resolved quickly.

  1. Replace Old Shrubbery and Replant Annual Flowers

Old age, disease, and fungus can all create unsightly shrubbery in your neighborhood. After 10 or more years, many plants lose their luster or grow sparse and need to be replaced. Consider replacing them with more resilient hybrids.

To enhance your neighborhood’s beauty, plant early-blooming flowers that can handle slightly colder mornings. As the season progresses, you can plant more hearty, heat-resistant flowers to last the rest of the summer. Make sure to coordinate with the rest of the community for a complimentary look throughout the neighborhood.

  1. Clean Fencing, Mailboxes, and Signage

You can power wash or even repaint or stain different kinds of fencing to rejuvenate it for the coming season. Make sure to have any broken or missing sections replaced immediately. Hand wash mailboxes and any street signs, and bring broken or faded items to the attention of your community for replacement.

  1. Be a Responsible HOA Member

It’s easy to pay your dues, but being an active member can be a hassle. To be better prepared, read your Bylaws, attend board meetings, and ask questions to any HOA managers. Talk to other homeowners in your area to see how everyone feels about the neighborhood and if anything should be addressed. Finally, read through your HOA financial statement so you’re aware of how your money is being spent.

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