Most Desired Features in Neighborhoods

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Most Desired Features in Neighborhoods

When shopping for a home, you must remember that you aren’t just buying a home – you are buying a complete neighborhood. The features and amenities of the neighborhood will have a direct impact on how much you enjoy your home. Make sure you take them all in and ensure that they meet your needs. Here are some of the top features desired in neighborhoods that indicate you have found a great one.

1. Low Crime Rate
This one may be obvious, but you want a neighborhood that is relatively safe. Though your real estate agent can’t tell you about crime rates, you can find these details with a quick search online. Improvement in crime rates, even if they are still a little high, is also a good sign, because it indicates that the neighborhood is improving.

2. Excellent Schools
Even if you do not have kids, good schools are beneficial. Good schools attract good families, and they also help real estate values to stay high. If kids could be in your future, good schools will eventually benefit you as well. Look up school ratings online if you are not familiar with the local schools.

3. Parks
Parks provide a place for people to play, enjoy a sense of community, walk the dog, exercise, and enjoy some green space. Look for parks that are well maintained, easy to access, and busy with people enjoying the amenities.

4. A Grocery Store
Surprisingly, not all neighborhoods have easy access to a grocery store, and you want to know that you will be able to get fresh food when you need it. If you have a strong preference about the type of groceries store you enjoy, seek out a neighborhood that is near that type of store.

5. Medical Care
No matter how healthy your lifestyle, you will eventually get sick. Look for a neighborhood that is close the medical care, particularly if you have children or senior citizens in your home. Make sure you can easily get to a hospital or a doctor’s office should the need arise.

6. Public Transportation
This is a must-have in some communities, and a nice thing to find in others, but if you plan to utilize public transportation, choose a neighborhood that is close to it. The ability to leave the car at home when heading in for work each day is always a nice perk, particularly in larger metro areas where traffic can be problematic.

7. Entertainment
Finally, a neighborhood that is close to fun entertainment options, including movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, and even theaters, is worth considering. These amenities will mean you always have an answer for what to do over the weekend.

Though every individual’s needs in a neighborhood are unique, these are the features that make one inviting. As you shop for a home, make sure you are also shopping for a neighborhood that will meet your needs well.

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