What Does My Community Manager Do? Clarifying the Manager’s Role…

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What Does My Community Manager Do? Clarifying the Manager’s Role…

Clarifying the Manager’s Role…

Your community association employs a highly-qualified professional community manager. The Community manager often gets faced with expectations from residents to perform certain tasks that just aren’t part of the job. When the manager doesn’t meet those expectations, residents naturally are unhappy. Since we want you to be happy, we’re offering a few clarifications on what the manager does – and does not – do.

  • Your professional community manager has two primary responsibilities: to carry out policies set by the Board of Directors, and to manage the association’s daily operations.
  • The manager is trained to deal with conflict, but he or she will not get involved in quarrels between neighbors. However, if association rules are being violated, the manager is the right person to contact.
  • While the manager works closely with the Board, he or she is an advisor—not a member of the Board.
  • The manager works for the Board, and the Henderson Properties Community Services team is available to residents. This does not mean the manager or support team will be able to drop everything to take a call. Requests are handled in the order of receipt. If you need to see the manager or the manager’s assistant, call 704-970-4155 or send an email to HOA@HendersonProperties.com. Please be patient, as response times will vary, and should be within 48 hours.
  • The manager is responsible for monitoring contractors’ performance, not supervising them. Contractors are responsible for supervising their own personnel. If you have a problem with a contractor, notify the manager, who will forward your concerns to the Board. The Board will decide how to proceed under the terms of the contract.
  • The manager inspects the community regularly, but even an experienced manager won’t catch everything. Your help is essential. If you know about a potential maintenance issue, report it to the manager through the Community Services team.
  • The manager does not set policy. If you disagree with a policy or rule, you’ll get better results sending a letter or e-mail to the Board and copying the manager.
  • The manager has a broad range of expertise, though he or she is not a consultant to the residents. Neither is the manager an engineer, architect, attorney or accountant. The manager may offer opinion; however, please don’t expect technical advice in areas where he or she is not qualified.
  • Although the manager is a great resource to the association, he or she is not available 24 hours a day—except for emergencies. Getting locked out of your home may be an emergency to you, but it isn’t an association emergency. An association emergency is defined as a threat to life or property. The best option is to preplan for emergencies such as lockouts by having a locksmith on call or asking a trusted friend or neighbor to keep your spare key “just in case.”

To reach the HOA management division, call 704-970-4155 or email HOA@HendersonProperties.com. Be sure to include your name, the community name, and your property address in the email so we can be prepared to assist you.