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March 12, 2018
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April 7, 2018

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Ever thought of investing your money in real estate? I am here to tell you now is the time. I am speaking from experience because I tried it! If you have some cash and want to diversify your retirement portfolio, this is a perfect time with an economy that is booming and a real estate market that hasn’t seen this much activity in years.

Real estate is generally a great investment option at any age! It can prove to be a long-term investment if its value increases, or you can flip it when the market is hot and we have a seller’s market, like now. Let’s face it. Everyone needs a place to live, whether they rent or own.

Here are some tips to consider before you make the decision:

  1. Pick a good location, one that is on the brink of expansion.
  2. Start small. Start low. Don’t ever buy the biggest or the best home in the neighborhood.
  3. Don’t over improve the property, especially if you will keep it as a rental property.
  4. If you choose to rent it out, finding the right property management company is key: one that knows the real estate laws and who will hold the tenants accountable.

I mentioned I tried the process. My husband left it up to me once we made an offer and it was accepted. We purchased a townhome for $45,000 a few months ago. The place was in total disarray and needed a lot of work: not just upgrades, but basics like new carpet, floors, etc… the place was gross! We took 6-8 weeks to clean it out, fix it up with all things basic: basic color, basic appliances, did the necessary repairs all to the tune of less than $20,000. Are you doing the math? Our maintenance division did all the work as well as supervised. One of our Realtors® listed the place in December for $89,900 and less than 24 hours later we had multiple offers all at or above asking price! I am happy to report the townhome closed on Feb 13th for $90,000. Profit made! Goal met! It was so easy I cannot begin to tell you.

Why was it so easy? Because we offer a full service real estate firm that will help you Find, Acquire, Renovate, Manage or Sell!

First time homebuyer?? You bet we can help! There are so many programs out there to help the 1st time buyer. Call us today. One call can put cash in your pocket. One opportunity could change your life and your future.   /  704-544-0253