Happy New Year: Intentionally Happy

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Happy New Year: Intentionally Happy

How did you fare through the holidays? Were you one of the ones, like me and my family, looking for joy in the midst of family tragedy?  I am here to tell you that what I learned from our holiday season was that even amid tragedy such as illness or a loved one dying, you can find joy in the midst of sorrow and pain. Do you know what I am saying? If not keep reading….

I had to be “intentional” in my holiday spirit this year, so much so that I am taking it one step further and making it my New Year’s resolution to “let go” of whatever doesn’t bring me joy and start focusing on what does. I’m being “intentional” about joy and happiness. The two are very different. Joy is lasting and happiness is temporary, though both are equally good! Here is how I got through a tough holiday focusing on being intentional. My hope is that this will encourage you to press on.

  1. Keep your eye and your heart on what is important and what truly matters; “Don’t sweat the small stuff” takes on new meaning amid tragedy.
  2. Do something different next holiday. (Thank goodness for a home Panthers game and a win this past Christmas Eve to help us get our minds off sorrow!)
  3. Do something for someone else. Make someone else happy and you will feel the joy!
  4. Instead of saying “I should,” adopt an “I will” attitude.
  5. Give yourself permission to be quiet. Be still and reflect on your happiness, life and where you are headed. Amid tragedy, you can find your purpose.

And above all else, know that “this too shall pass”; if you have ever experienced a loss during the holiday season you know that there is often a sense of peace and tranquility. Be intentional in finding your joy this new year. Use the trials and tribulations of the past year to guide you into this new year. Intentionally finding joy and happiness in the unexpected or the day-to-day will bless you. I hope that no matter what you experienced over the holidays, that the new year brings you good tidings and joy!

Here’s to an intentionally happy New Year!

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