Bad Mom’s Christmas

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Bad Mom’s Christmas

I don’t go to the movies often and when I do, it’s to be entertained, not scared or sad. Last night was one of those rare moments of going to the movies. I was looking forward to some good laughs with the new “Bad Moms” movie, as I loved the original. My group gave this one a “B” overall: Total chick-flick and worth an evening out. One disappointment was that there was only one scene with Christina Applegate; I expected more because she was hilarious in the first version. However, the lack of humor and not seeing Christina more was made even with the addition of Justin Hartley. It was a good trade off! (Just saying, ladies ;))

This movie was probably more of a Bad Grandmas movie than Bad Moms. It was a sweet movie that accurately portrayed how life evolves and kids grow up; How moms always want to “fix” things; always giving advice to make it better for our kids. It showed how some of us have wonderful childhoods and others don’t, and how as an adult we must choose to forgive, accept and move on, enjoying each other for who we are. It puts into perspective that even at the grandma age, we as women must redefine ourselves and separate from our children with healthy boundaries for all.

I don’t have a daughter but I am one. I do live for those moments when my boys come through the door. Our life is all about who is in it, who we love and love to be around. The ending was good and left room for part 3. It definitely put me in the holiday spirit. But just like last week’s blog about “expectation,” my expectation was to be entertained and laugh; both of which I did. Night out accomplished!


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