“Got Charlotte”?

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August 28, 2017
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September 12, 2017

“Got Charlotte”?

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My family moved to Charlotte in 1974. I consider myself a “Charlottean” of sorts. Since my parents brought me here I am always curious about what brings others to the Queen City (QC). I have been fortunate to travel and have come to realize Charlotte has a lot to offer. People choose to live here for a variety of reasons: Real estate is affordable, major businesses are headquartered here, the grass is green, there are sporting events and wonderful restaurants. We are a few hours to the mountains and a few hours to the beach. What’s there not to like?

I remember when “Uptown” was called “downtown” and Independence Blvd was the main road through town. So much has changed in the QC though a lot remains the same. I continue to be amazed at the growth and all there is to do in the city when I take time to stop and enjoy Charlotte’s offerings. Here’s a short list of some places you may not have thought of visiting. Take some time to stop and enjoy your city!

If you are thinking of relocating and want more real estate info, please contact one of our experienced staff members for all your real estate needs. I hope we can help you tell your Queen City story one day!