Services for Homeowners Association and Condominium Owners Associations

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Services for Homeowners Association and Condominium Owners Associations

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Are you in charge of or on the board of an HOA or COA? Henderson Properties offers a comprehensive list of HOA management services that help provide the support your community needs. If your board needs a helping hand, we are here to provide it.

What Is an HOA?
An HOA, otherwise known as a Homeowners Association, is a group that maintains the common areas of a community and helps ensure the bylaws, articles of incorporation or CC&Rs of the community are properly supported and followed by residents. These groups have a board of directors elected by members of the community and are supported through HOA fees collected from homeowners. Buying a home in a community with an HOA automatically makes one a member of the HOA.

What Is HOA Management?
HOA board members are volunteers with their own lives and busy schedules. An HOA management company can come alongside and help with many of the tasks the HOA must tackle, like maintenance and administration of the common areas, so the board can focus its attention on making the decisions the members of the community trust board members to make.

HOA management firms can order maintenance, set schedules for the use of community facilities, collect HOA fees, perform accounting tasks, and work with the board to ensure that the community is following the HOA laws in the state. Manage firms can also handle emergency issues, oversee upgrades and renovations approved through the board and enforce the regulations of the HOA or COA.

Does Your Board Need HOA Management?
Does your board need HOA management? If you are finding that the day-to-day tasks you take on as a board member are hurting your ability to interact with the community and communicate with homeowners, then yes, you could benefit from management. If your community has numerous common areas that need to be maintained and developed, then yes, you need HOA management.

For communities in the greater Charlotte area, Henderson Properties offers HOA and COA management services. Contact us today to learn more about these services and how they can help you!