Associations: We’re Changing to Better Serve You

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Associations: We’re Changing to Better Serve You

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We’ve heard you, Board Members! You’ve been asking for more options, and we are making the move to give you greater access, more features, and real-time account information.

Our association division will be changing operating systems to better serve Board members and homeowners. During the month of May, we will begin converting from the current system, which has served us well for many years, to the Village Management Software platform.

Village Management Software is one of the industry leaders in association management technology. We feel that changing to Village Management Software, or VMS, will keep Henderson Properties on the cutting edge of association management technology.

This system change helps Henderson Properties fulfill our Brand Promise of delivering timely and accurate information to our clients. Residents will appreciate the ability to:

  • View their real-time account balance and accounts receivable history
  • Receive emails for payment confirmations, late payment notifications, documents added to the system, and much more
  • Set up and maintain automated payments
  • View and respond to covenant compliance issues pertaining to their account
  • View architectural issues related to their account
  • View event calendars and receive email announcements from their community manager

In addition to the above capabilities, Board members logging into the VMS system will be granted additional access rights to:

  • Generate real-time financial reports selected from a library of hundreds of pre-configured templates
  • Generate compliance logs for their communities
  • Manage architectural applications within their communities
  • Manage event calendars
  • Conduct customize surveys, allowing residents to express their opinion about various issues the Board is considering

We will be gradually transitioning each of our communities throughout the year starting in May. The current system will remain intact until all records are transferred successfully. Your community manager will keep you updated when your community will be switched to VMS. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to positively impact the quality of your association life through advancing the tools available.