New Townhomes Coming to Charlotte

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December 22, 2016
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New Townhomes Coming to Charlotte

The Charlotte area is booming with new apartment buildings being built. However, some developers have even grander plans for certain fast-growing areas. Following are the project details from the rezoning petitions filed by three different developers. It should be exciting to watch these new townhouses come to the Charlotte region.

Tremont Music Hall
New plans are being made for the former site of Tremont Music Hall in the South End area of Charlotte. Carolina Capital Investment Partners recently filed plans to rezone approximately 4.4 acres for the construction of up to 74 townhouses. This space is located just off South Tryon Street, on the north side of Tremont Avenue.

Runnymede Lane
Across from Windsor Drive and just off Selwyn Avenue, Capital Land Partners has plans to build up to 29 town houses on 2.9 acres on Runnymede Lane. Currently, the site is home to about a half-dozen single-family homes. If the plans are approved, the townhouses will be all along internal streets.

Suttle Avenue and Isom Street
Just off Wilkinson Boulevard, new plans have been proposed to develop 26 townhouses on 1.6 acres. The proposal for this new development comes from Saussy Burbank, a Charlotte-based homebuilder. Additional details reveal that that the townhouses would be up to three stories tall, and they will also be near the site of 350 new apartments from Alliance Residential.

The Charlotte City Council will hold hearings on these rezoning petitions in the coming months.

As you can tell from these new projects that are in the early stages, developers are taking notice of how quickly the Charlotte region is growing, especially these particular areas. By building more townhouses that individuals and families can purchase, it demonstrates that the housing market in Charlotte is stable and people have the ability to buy.

Are you on the hunt for a property to purchase in the Charlotte area, but you aren’t quite ready for a single-family home yet? Then you may want to keep an eye out for these new projects that we mentioned. A brand new townhouse in Charlotte could be a great real estate investment.