Preparing to Rent Your Home

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November 18, 2016
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November 25, 2016

Preparing to Rent Your Home

Planning to rent your home? Here are some things that you can be doing while still in the home to prepare your property to rent. Keep in mind that Henderson Properties has a full-time Property Management staff to manage your rental and our Maintenance Department can complete any of these checklist items once the property is vacant and the Property Manager has inspected the home. For more information on Henderson Properties Property Management services or to request maintenance/renovations, call 704.535.1122.


  1. Install a working smoke detector on each floor of home, and put fresh batteries in each one.
  2. Have a working carbon monoxide detector on each floor of home, and put fresh batteries in each one.
  3. Fix anything that is broken, such as broken steps, broken appliances.
  4. Paint walls in neutral colors.
  5. Patch holes in walls/ put fresh coat of paint on walls.
  6. Vacuum and shampoo all carpets.
  7. Clean baseboards, windowsills, switch plate covers, ceiling fans, and light fixtures (all rooms).
  8. Clean all fingerprints and other marks off walls and doors.
  9. Replace any burned out or broken light bulbs (all rooms) and make sure all light fixtures work.
  10. Clean all furnished drapes and window blinds/shutters.
  11. Clean fireplace (if applicable).
  12. Empty all closets of hangers, etc.
  13. Ensure that the heater and A/C work properly.
  14. Make sure plumbing is working properly; fix leaky faucets.
  15. Remove all personal belongings from the property (no furniture, tools, vehicles, clothing, etc.).
  16. Keep the utilities on (except cable and telephone). Utilities will transfer to tenant upon lease signing.
  17. Recommended: Disable alarm system/terminate contract. Tenant will have option to start security account in their name. If you prefer to keep alarm on during showing, set up a code that we can give to prospective tenants viewing the property.
  18. Overall, the home needs to look immaculate to begin showing. A good test is to look at the home as if you were going to buy or rent it – what would you expect to see/not see?


  1. Clean refrigerator, shelves, crisper and foot guard.
  2. Clean all cupboards, sinks and fixtures.
  3. Clean stovetop, under burners, oven, drawer and range hood.
  4. Clean or replace drip pans.
  5. Clean microwave.
  6. Mop floors and clean countertops.
  7. Make sure garbage disposal is working.
  8. Make sure all appliances are functioning properly and that no pieces are missing.


  1. Clean toilet bowls and tanks.
  2. Clean sinks, tubs, tub enclosures, and showers.
  3. Wipe out medicine cabinets and under sink cabinets.
  4. Mop floors.


  1. Remove all personal property and trash.
  2. Take trash can to street to be picked up on next pick-up day.
  3. Call City solid-waste removal to pick up bulk items.
  4. Leave garage door openers on kitchen counter.


  1. Cut grass and remove fallen leaves.
  2. Clean gutters.
  3. Trim all shrubbery.
  4. Remove weeds from flower beds.


  1. Replace all air filters.
  2. Dust all vents.