Welcome to Our New Communities!

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Welcome to Our New Communities!

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Henderson Properties welcomed four new communities to the Association Division in November and will bring on two new communities in December.

The largest new community is Springfield Property Owners Association, Inc. in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This community offers on-site management, a pool, tennis courts, fitness center, water slide, playground, outside pavilion and parks for over 600 single family homes. In December, Henderson will also assume management of the Town Homes and Golf Villas at Springfield Neighborhood Association, Inc. in the same area.

Buckingham Homeowners Association, Inc. in Matthews, North Carolina chose Henderson Properties for our violations process and resources to manage their 117 single family homes. The Manager is Kara Disotell.

Glengrove Homeowners Association, Inc. in Cabarrus County has 325 single family homes with a pool, cabana, and retention pond. Tom Borloglou is the Manager.

Sir John’s Hill Homeowners Association, Inc. is an established community in Southpark. The Board likes the responsiveness, guidance, and follow up provided by Henderson Properties Manager Tom Borloglou and team.

Prescot Homeowners Association, Inc. will begin management with Henderson Properties December 1. This community has over 200 homes in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Ryan Homes chose Henderson Properties to manage its new development Pin Oaks Owners Association, Inc. in Denver, North Carolina as of October 1st. The community will have 40 single family homes once completed.

In August, Henderson Properties began managing Augusta Place Patio Homes Association, Inc., a new Epcon community on Chalmers Row in Rock Hill, South Carolina that will have 52 single family dwellings at buildout. Erin Yarbro is the Community Manager. This community offers maintenance free living, a pool, and plans to build a clubhouse. Henderson was chosen due to successfully managing other communities for Epcon.

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