Homes for Sale in Ballantyne

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August 2, 2014
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Homes for Sale in Ballantyne

Ballantyne, a suburb of North Carolina that’s located in the area known as South Charlotte, is a simply beautiful place to live. It’s a newer community, equipped with many amenities to meet its residents’ professional and recreational needs.

Ballantyne NCThe area is easily accessible, located just off of highway 485 on exit 61 (Johnston Rd.). It occupies land that used to be the Morrison hunting reserve. Ballantyne has 2,000 acres of space to call its own, and because of all the businesses, stores and other conveniences it boasts, it is considered by many to be a town within itself.

Within the borders of Ballantyne is a 535-acre corporate park that includes all kinds of office buildings, a resort hotel, a golf course, and more. Inside that area are a variety of other establishments as well, including plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. One of the most recently developed shopping centers is called Ballantyne Village. It has a host of popular shops and restaurants, in addition to a new movie theater.

Ballantyne is full of opportunity for its residents. The schools are excellent, and business opportunities are plentiful. Thanks to its more recent development, this steadily growing area is all tastefully landscaped – from the public areas to the private homes. If you’re considering buying a home, you can expect to find various options to meet your needs. If you’re more in the market for home selling, this is a great area for you as well, as its attracting new people every day.

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