Board Members, Keep the Lights Working

Board Members, Keep the Lights Working

community maintenance

Board members, are you getting tired of hearing from homeowners that a light bulb has been out for weeks, or a sign post is bent or leaning again, or the doggie stations haven’t been changed out?  Maybe you have a couple of small maintenance items that never get fixed because nobody wants to do it, and it seems too expensive to pay someone to do it. When was the last time you had the HVAC filters changed in your clubhouse?

Henderson Properties has a solution for you:  the Common Area Maintenance Inspection (CAMI).  For as little as $49 a month (our hourly CAMI labor rate), we can send out a tech to perform those pesky maintenance items on a regular basis.  Some of our HOAs are doing an 8-hour CAMI every week, while others only want a one-hour CAMI each month.  You decide what the tech should do.

While they are out there, they are proactive and can tell you what things can be done now to prevent problems in the future.  They can look for safety items that could be liability issues, such as cracks in the sidewalks, pool gate latches not functioning properly, or loose items that could hurt someone.

If you are paying a handyman to come out to do small repairs, instead add them to your regular CAMI list so the repairs can be done at the reduced CAMI rate.  This can save a great deal of money over the course of a year. (Where material purchases and specialty contractors are needed, those items would be billed additionally.)

Be a board member and not a maintenance person.  Spend your valuable time doing the things you enjoy.  Let Henderson Properties change out the doggie stations and keep the lights working!

For a free CAMI consultation, contact the Renovations and Maintenance Division Manager Ryan Freeland at or call 704-535-1122 x223, or ask your Community Association Manager (CAM) to set up a meeting.

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